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Taotao ATV 7/2/2012 1:52:50 PM

Finally made the big jump and purchased 3 ATVs for the boys, Taotao 125 from FamilyGoKarts

You can order these things from what seem like 100's of different places, prices all run about the same, the difference is the customer service you get from the supplier (as all the ATVs ship from a central place).  FamilGoKarts had great videos on how to put them together, what to expect and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. 

If you do some research you will see that there is wide varaiety of opinions on Taotao (and chinese ATVs in general), many of the horror stories are from prior to 2006, quality is much improved, and many of the horror stories are about the customer service of who sold know what your getting into.  It's a sub $1000 ATV, you get what you pay for...or you can spend 3000 on a (polaris, yamaha, honda or other Japanese brand).  Since I needed 3 ATVs, I had to take the economy route.

Also you should pick a string of 100+ degree days to assemble these, as the sweat puring out of you will really help.

These ATV's come in a metal crate, and require some assembly.  The ones I ordered required tires, handlebars, trim and front suspension.

I got what I orderered though green camo came as red camo, big deal, I told EJ it was Fall Camo, he couldn't care less, and if he ever does, i have a thing called spray paint.

I read about many issues of damage upon inspection or other issues, all 3 of mine were good.  I had some minor issues but all 3 of them went together, started and ran.

Biggest issue I had to troubleshoot was an electrical connector issue on the "R"everse and "N"eutral idiot lights.  This was more frustruating than difficult, using a wire tester revealed both had bad electrical connectors, After cutting out and replacing them, it has been fine.


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