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Saturday, January 16, 2021 Login

Blog posts for the month of January,2021.
First Calf 20211/9/2021 12:23:29 PM
Faith's Calf 1/9/2021, looks like a bull calf, will know more in the next few days.

Chicken Hatch 20211/6/2021 9:14:30 AM
Started 12 Eggs in the Incubator...

We'll see how they do in 21 to 22 days.

Home Butcher Shop1/14/2021 10:18:22 AM
The first step in creating your home butcher shop is re-enforcing or creating someway to hang two sides of beef.

The joists in my garage were not looking like they could support the weight.

I Created an overhead hanging system that consists of 3x3 boards, from the steel I-Beam support, across the space, and then another set of 3x3 beams to the floor, reinforced with 2x6, and 3x3 board cross members too hang the sides of beef down with.

See pictures

More to follow once it's up and running...

Surprise Gigi's Calf 20211/16/2021 6:31:29 AM
Gigi's 2nd calf, this one looks much stronger, was standing and feeding with-in an hour, 11pm surprise in a snowstorm. 

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