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Home Butchering Dexter Beef 1/31/2021 12:51:27 PM
Only hung the beef for 7 days, for Dexter beef it doesn't seem too make a difference, and especially considering I'm working in a "less controlled" environment ( Like an out-building / garage), it's best too not hang long.

Meat cutting saw review.

The meat saw performed well, Sold under various names "Stark Meat cutting band saw", "grizzly saw", "XtremepowerUS 2-in-1 Professional meat saw", from various big box retailers, Walmart, Northern Tools, Lowes, even Amazon.  Definitely recommend you have a bigger saw for a cow bigger than a Dexter.  This saw was barely big enough at 10" for the shoulder chuck roasts, and the rear round steaks.  Recognize the saw for what it is, a small, easily to store, meat saw, don't push it hard and watch what your doing and it will work fine.

Cleanup of any meat saw is tedious, I found it easiest to remove the motor / electronics and hook up a hose to the hot water heater, scrub it with bleach, dish soap too cut the grease, dry it, rub it down with an little vegetable oil, dry it again leaving a little film of oil, put the thing away until the next cow.  I did not even try to use the grinder, as fortunately my Dad bought me a huge commercial grinder, thanks Pop !

Retrieved most cuts of beef successfully. and wrapped.

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