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Blog posts for the month of April,2012.
75 Days to Sweet Corn4/4/2012 7:41:11 AM

Tilled about 2/3 of an acre for Sweet Corn, planted about 1/2 of that today; I'll wait 3 weeks and then plant the other half to stagger how it comes in.

We'll see how it does, breaking ground that had been pasture for 27 years takes a bit of work, I started in late winter during a warm spell, so the plowed ground would have time to freeze and thaw helping break it up.

You can see the size of the field here, took about 2.5 hours to plant 1/2 of it by hand; i've got to get a planter, probably just one on a hand wheel.

End Result:

Ford 4000 with 6 foot disk after final pass, better known as "Little Blue".

Corn Seed:


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