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Blog posts for the month of February,2021.
Monitoring read-only PAAS SQL node2/7/2021 7:39:34 PM

If you connect to your Business Critical Azure SQL instance with ADS or SMSS and in the Additional Connection Parameters you specify ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly, you are then connected via your admin account to that read only replica and can do some performance monitoring via database scoped DMVs:

Monitoring and troubleshooting read-only replicas

When connected to a read-only replica, Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) reflect the state of the replica, and can be queried for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. The database engine provides multiple views to expose a wide variety of monitoring data.

Commonly used views are:





Provides resource utilization metrics for the last hour, including CPU, data IO, and log write utilization relative to service objective limits.


Provides aggregate wait statistics for the database engine instance.


Provides replica health state and synchronization statistics. Redo queue size and redo rate serve as indicators of data latency on the read-only replica.


Provides database engine performance counters.


Provides per-query execution statistics such as number of executions, CPU time used, etc.


Provides cached query plans.


Provides query text for a cached query plan.


Provides real time query progress while queries are in execution.


Provides the last known actual execution plan including runtime statistics for a query.


Provides storage IOPS, throughput, and latency statistics for all database files.


You can also set up xevent sessions : Read queries on replicas - Azure SQL Database | Microsoft Docs


SSRS Missing URL parameter IterationId2/5/2021 1:00:35 PM
SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS Error, Missing URL parameter:  IterationId.

Missing URL parameter: IterationId

I began receiving this error when i imported and tried to modify a report from SQL Server performance Dashboard that i was trying to make work with Azure PAAS SQL. I found this was not an uncommon issue.

 I deleted the Line from the report and problem was fixed. 

I was getting this error message myself, and it was due to the Line control. For whatever reason, the Line control tries to include a standard blank image right after it, but the URL is missing that parameter in FireFox and Chrome (but not IE, as far as I can tell). When I remove all the Line controls, the error goes away. Make sure you don't have any Lines in your footer (or anywhere else on your report, for that matter.)

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