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Blog posts for the month of June,2012.
Youth Pocket Quad Kids ATV6/15/2012 7:12:26 AM

40 cc 2 stroke (32:1) pocket ATV Quad
CentrifugalAutomatic Transmission
Rear cross-drilled disc brake
Pull Starter
Chain Drive
About 90lbs

This is a youth ATV for small kids, my kids have outgrown it and are getting too large for it. The pictures can be deceiving, it is small, I can pick it up and put in a mini-van or the trunk of a very large car. I'd say the ideal age for this is 3 to 7 years old and the weight is probably 50lbs (though it will move much more). It's basically a glorified chain saw engine on a nice pocket quad frame, so it is perfect for teaching kids and allowing them to have fun with something that is designed for their size.

Here is a link to a "similiar" one, I wish i knew what brand or manufacurer made this one, but it's not marked real well, though it's got a serial number and such on it, so it's not a home-made job,

I bought this for 300 and sold it for 200, so I lost a bit on the deal, but the kids had 100 bucks worth of fun.

New ATV's on the way !


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