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Blog posts for the month of June,2013.
Chevy Spare Tire Secondary Latch Fix6/4/2013 7:40:42 AM

There is a lot of information about the Chevrolet spare tire secondary latch, but not much information on how to keep it from happenning again, greasing this thing every month is still no solution.

If you have a chevy express, tahoe, silverado and probably a few other models, you have this problem, and you won't know it until the worst possible time.

I spent three hours getting the spare tire off of a chevy.  Once done, i was not going to put it back up as it was, I wanted to ensure I would never spend 3 hours like that again !

The fix is quite simply to grind off a spot for the secondary latch to "slip" through, so that if it is stuck in the out position you can still get the tire off by rotating the secondary latch until it finds the hole you've cut in the retaining ring.  When putting the tire back up, just turn the secondary latch 180 degrees so that if the cable breaks, the secondary latch will still do it's job.






RAID Failure6/9/2013 7:29:06 AM

Backups are still the most basic and important tasks performed by a DBA. 

Recent case in point, received this from a SAN Administrator:


I just spoke with {vendor named removed}, we have had a triple hardware failure on the array. {Vendor} is in the process of replacing 3 drives at this time.


Apparently we had one drive fail, and while that drive was transitioning to a hot spare, a second drive in the same RAID group failed. The array wasn’t able to handle the double simultaneous failure. {Vendor} attempted to follow procedures when replacing the drives to restore the data, but they were unable to, and all the affected data was lost.


Currently {Vendor} is following a process that will eventually make the LUNs available to the servers as they were before, but these LUNs will be empty, all data on them has been lost.


We’ll work with {Vendor} to get a root cause analysis completed, but all data that was on the affected storage will have to be manually replaced.



Always make sure you have your backups.


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