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  Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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DTS - Keeping copy of emails in Sent Items
The only items being saved in SENT folder seem to come directly from the DTS Send Mail Task. Any messages sent through Agent Operator Notification are not saved. I have verfied three items. 1. Verified SQL Agent Properties is unchecked for Save Sent Items. 2. Log on to the box as Administrator, open outlook, verified email properties is unchecked for Save Sent Items. 3. Log on to the box as Exchsql, open outlook, verified email properties is unchecked for Save Sent Items. The Exchange profile being used is PFCMAPI. Both the Administrator and Exchsql accounts are set to use the PFCMAPI profile. The SQL Server and the Agent are both configured to startup with the Exchsql account. Why does the DTS Sent Mail Task still save a copy in SENT ITEMS? Running SQL 2000 Enterprise and Outlook 2000 on Win2000 Adv Server. Any ideas? Please respond via email if possible. Thanks, Tod ---------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a "hidden" property on the Send Mail Task. On the menu of the Package Designer window, click "Package" then "Disconnected Edit..." Expand the Tasks tree on the left hand side, then find your Send Mail Task below it. Select it, then look on the right hand side. You will see a property named SaveMailInSentItemsFolder and it will have the default value of -1 (which means True). Double-click it and change the -1 to 0.